Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trying Yoga, Touring dharavi, Trinity results!

hiya from amchi mumbai!! things are good. short update..

INternship in india is going fine. No real opportunity is opening up in India or elsewhere and at the same time confusion just keeps on increasing with regards where should i focus my efforts on - india, dubai, singapore, london or anywhere in us? I hoped to get some clarity via trip in india -- and i have gotten clear as MUD!

Neeways this blog isnt about that. Just a quick note on some good stuff in mumbai:-

First a good step ahead -- always wanted to take up yoga! I have started learning the same. And I have been stupendously lucky. Bhuvneshwari Makharia, a World yoga Training centre teacher ( and founder of Yoga Ashram Hrishikesh ( -- was kind enough and agreed to give me 4 times a week one-one sessions for the 5 weeks I was here to be able to impart as much as is possible in that time! I have been extremely fortunate to be learning from one of the leading proponents of Yoga who has been practising and teaching the same for more than 30 years and believes in teaching the science and rationale behind 'Yog'! So far stupendous. Watch this space for more. I might well go do one of here Hrishekesh tours before I start full time work (when I get 'a' job i.e) post mba.

Second, today I did a guided tour of Dharavi -- what is more infamously known as Asia's biggest slum. The tour was another fantastic experience courtesy Krishna Poojari our guide and co-founder/director of Reality Tours - a company founded by him and his british friend. It was fantastic because Dharavi was nothing that I expected. I mean sure there was a lot of what one would expect -- 1.75 square kilometers of poverty with sub par living conditions and less than ideal facilities. But Dharavi is a 3000 crore turnover industry. Leather (one of the biggest leather producers in this part of the world), plastics recycling, carboard, aluminium, footwear, pottery - you name it! It was complete with schools, english training classes, cinema hall, computer learning center. The one thing that all 5 of us in the group (me, nat n gagan from ox gang and a couple of travelling spaniards) thought hit us about the place was the thriving industry. It never felt as much a slum as it did a huge campus with many sub factories and sweat shops. It was clear that people here believed in making it happen. No excuses, no self pity (infact very
high and proud of their work; photgraphy is not allowed on this tour), no slack -- work and make it happen! There were a couple of poignant moments on this trip I shall carry with me - I was tying my shoe laces and a little behing the gang when a 5-6 year sweet girl passed by and in almost impeccable english with proper pronunciation and no accent said: hello, how are you!, smiled and keept walking. Or a small kid outside of school keen to see what we were upto with his t-shirt proudly saying "if you wish, you can!". I was just glad I went.

Lastly a small note on few good places in mumbai i ve visted -- thanks a ton to the locals (dhruv, nat,sajith, varun, stuti, twinkle) who suggested or took me to these places. Some of the ones i loved and would suggest to u are (no not all are swank; infact some very rundown. but they are places i Loved and locals swear by):
Leopold - Shantaram was here. Need I say more? Must visit.

Cafe Churchill - Best contintental food. Dont go by looks of the place.
Zenzi - ultra cool chic food/bar in bandra; bit pretentious.
Moches - best food i ve had in mumbai so far.
Ivy - nice, non-pretentious laid back place. Known for their wine collection.
SukhSagar - ever reliable indian 'naasta' place on marine drive. Must have: 'idli-chilly'
BadeMiya - best sign off place maybe in all of mumbai...after a late party nite, pig out at Bade and go home!
Jazz By the Bay - good lunch buffet. Decent salads and nice sandwiches.
Pizzeria - Awesome pizza with the sea in view. Right next to the Jazz by the Bay.

Watch this space too. Coz hope to add a few more places that I have been told I must visit before i leave..

And to end on oxford news (i miss oxford :-() -- Trinity term results are out. And I passed!! Wo-hoooooooooooooooooooooo!

peace out!


Anonymous said...

Great blog!

Funny and very informative. Seems one has to spend thousands of dollars to get straight answers now-a-days. I wish you the best in all the world has to offer & somehow, I believe you 'will' get that~!

Honestly, you're making me want to be there right along side you just for the fun of it!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!